I heard about Medjugorje in 1982 or 83, from a friend of ours that’s a priest who married us and baptized all three of our kids. But I never really had a burning desire to come here.

The Blessed Mother didn’t really play the significant role to me really until Erin [my wife] came to Medjugorje, and she always wanted me to come and I really was resistant to come. Primarily because I was working and I had other priorities and if I was going to make a trip to Europe it was going to be somewhere fun but I agreed to come for her 50th birthday. Part of the reason I resisted to come, I think, is that you know if you do something like this, and I knew the profound effect it had on [my wife], that our lives probably would change. And you get pretty comfortable living the way you are living. And it’s true, it has changed our lives, but it’s been definitely for the positive.

I always heard about Fatima and Lourdes and we finally got a chance to go to those places and they are wonderful. But those things happened way in the past and we get to experience what’s happening right here, right now.

Not just with the visionaries, which is super special, but this whole community they are living their faith. And we know because when you come more often and you get to meet some of the locals, you find out that they have real world problems and they have the same issues that everybody else has that would be in a small town. 

They are witnesses of what we could be if we could live in that kind of community, or bring that back into our own communities. I think that’s what we are trying to do is bring that back into our own community. I mean, you can change the world. There’s no question about that.