Frank – Denver, Colorado

I’m 87. I worked for Grumman who built the lunar module. Did you ever see them going off the moon? That was my engine that took them off the moon. All the catholics were praying the Rosary. It was an exciting time. It was ’64 to ’69.

First day here ever. I’ve been to Garabandal and Fatima and Lourdes, but this is the crowning place. This is the place.

And what brought me here is a lady friend of mine, Vickie, who’s been here a number of times. She said this is Mirjana’s apparition coming up on the 18th. 

I said, “No, I don’t want to go.”

And of course the Holy Spirit says “You’re going.”

The evil one will do his best to stop anybody from coming here, so we had the biggest snowfall in many, many years in the Denver area. I live 50 miles south of Denver at 7,500 feet, and I had 3 foot drifts. My neighbor with a snowplow could not even get in. He broke the plow trying get into my driveway. 

We prayed. There’s a famous prayer, this priest had taught me, when you have a problem. It’s three words. Take over, Mary.

My friend’s husband and son, who’s with us, they came with their car, walked up through the 2-3 foot drifts to my home, carried my luggage down to the car on the road. Because the road had been plowed. And that was one obstacle overcome. 

Then, we had taken our test, the virus test, but it was too early. It was over the 48 hours. [To enter Bosnia Herzegovina, the country where Medjugorje is located, you need a PCR test with negative results for coronavirus.] So we had to take it Monday morning and we were leaving Monday afternoon. We didn’t get the results until we got here. 

Things kept popping up, and Mary kept solving them. Each one. Each obstacle came up, Mary solved them. 

Would you tell other 87 year olds to come?

Oh yes, oh yes. Oh you have to. If you’re a Catholic, even if you’re not Catholic. When you have an opportunity to speak with a visionary and see and hear her. To think that the Mother of God has talked to her, and you’re in the same area, it’s a blessing beyond belief.

It’s only when you look back on it, like when I went to Fatima and Lourdes. When you’re walking through, you really can’t understand what you’re looking at and where you’re standing. And then later you look back and say, “My goodness! What a blessing!”

Everybody should come.