Medjugorje is a living apparition. Mary is living here. I wanted to be where She was; to experience Her.

The first blessing was when I was on the plane, I took my rosary out to say the Rosary, and the lady next to me had her rosary out.

When I got here, I wanted to go to Apparition Hill, but it was raining every day. I wasn’t sure if we were going to have any days that we were able to go. I resolved myself that I probably wouldn’t go this trip because of all the rain.

Then I saw Aaron. I said, “Would you go up?” Aaron took me and a group of people to go up at night. We went up there at about 5:15 and said the Rosary. We finished the Rosary at 5:39, one minute before the apparition time. 

It was wet and slippery. I got about halfway up and Aaron said, “Do you need help?” I said, “Yeah.” He grabbed my hand and guided me all the way up and did the same guiding me down. 

iMedj note: read Aaron’s story here

I was able to make it to Apparition Hill. My highlight of the trip was to go up Apparition Hill at night because it is a different experience than it is during the day. The Mother glows against the sky.

I wrote down all the things that were happening because there are so many miracles.

I was in the chapel, and there was too much distraction. All these images were coming to me. Mary said to me, “Go to the base of Apparition Hill and say your prayer there.”

If you were at the base of Apparition Hill at 5AM, there’s a group that goes up and prays every morning. Pilgrims were already up there. I wanted to pray with them on the hill, but I wasn’t going to go by myself because I’m not that good of a climber. 

I sat in front of the Blue Cross and said my Rosary. As I finished it, the pilgrims, Miki, and other locals were coming down saying the Rosary. They came and sat down in front of me, in front of the cross and finished their Rosary. 

I was like, “Oh! Thank you, Mother. I didn’t even have to go up the hill. You brought them to me.”

It’s these little miracles that you have to realize are not coincidences. The Mother has made them possible. 

I wanted to do it, but I couldn’t. She did it for me.

Miracles are coming every day. You might recognize them as just a coincidence, but it’s really little miracles. 

Medjugorje is special because there’s so much opportunity to get in touch with God, a lot of opportunity to go to different shrines. 

Cross Mountain was really hard. I’m glad Apparition Hill is smaller. 

Going up Cross Mountain, Sofia, who is a geologist, she went and I followed her exact footsteps. Then if it was a big step, she wold reach down and grab my hand and help me up. 

On the way back, Gabriel helped me down and said, “Just hang on to my backpack. If you want, I’ll carry you.”

People in this group are so friendly. They all know your name. They’re very accepting. Everybody is willing to help somebody else.