I am here because Mary wants me here for some reason. 

I’ve been here before. My sister was gifted a trip to Medjugorje and asked me to come, but I had no desire to come for the 40th Anniversary. I wanted to come back in a very peaceful time when I could focus on just prayer. In a large group, I get lost with all that. 

I said to her, “Okay so if somebody drops money in my lap, I’ll go.” It was down to the very last day that she had to make a decision whether or not to come, and I had money dropped in my lap so I’m like, “Well I guess I’m going to Medjugorje.” Everything fell into place, and I’m here. 

I have never and will never experience joy and a living faith like I did last night at that Mass [the 40th Anniversary Mass]. It’s so beautiful, and I just don’t understand why everybody doesn’t get it, you know?

I really came the first time with no expectations. I thought I would come with the attitude I will take what God and Mary gives me

I had been hungry for a closer union in the Eucharist. At the International Mass on Sunday, I felt like I was taken to heaven, the banquet table in heaven. I was like, “Everybody’s here! Abraham, Isaac.” It was beautiful. Ever since then, I have a closer union in the Eucharist. 

Just come. 

It’s the way we should live every day. It really is. You hear the stories and the fruits of Medjugorje and the people are so joyful, the locals. They’re so joyful, and everything is about Mary and what She’s done for them. 

It’s the way we should live our lives. Everyone takes care of each other. It’s a beautiful place.