I got a call from my friend Zach and he asked if I wanted to go to Europe for spring break. I knew he was wanting to go to Medjugorje for a long time so that was obviously on the itinerary, but then he let me pick all the other places. Medjugorje also sounded good. So spring break rolled around, and we made it here.

The culture here is pretty different from anywhere else I’ve been, just very calm, very peaceful very Catholic. Whereas, Catholics aren’t usually calm or peaceful. 

I think just overall, meeting the other American pilgrims has been a grace. I really had no expectations or reasons to necessarily be here. To hear some of the reasons of others, has given me reasons to be here while I’m here. 

[Visionary Mirjana’s testimony] was pretty incredible. I think especially from her witness, everything starting as a teenager, is just, I don’t want to say unusual because obviously everything about this is unusual, but just the amount of faith that had to be disposed to her before any of this happened for it to even stick, is not even a witness to her and her own disposition to faith, but a witness to what the Lord is trying to reveal through His Mother and in such a simple way.

None of the messages are overly complicated, and she doesn’t over complicate anything as she talks about it. I think the Lord’s doing a really good job revealing Himself through the words of His Mother, and He chose, I think, the right people, especially in choosing children, to do so. At least as it was in the beginning. 

Marian devotion is relatively new for me. Started a little over two years ago, but really had a first encounter with Our Mother one year ago. I’m not an intellectual and I don’t like intellectual people like my friend Zach [Zach laughs]. I just seek to encounter the Lord. Knowledge is, I feel, kind of useless sometimes when the Lord is the source of knowledge. If He is willing to give you knowledge, then great; if He’s not, then you’ll be a happy, holy idiot.

But coming home, hopefully in the next couple days, if anything, I’ll know how to better further a personal relationship with Our Mother as I have with Christ previously and then even now. But I think most importantly, it’s to Jesus through Mary. Through all this and through the relationship I have with Mary, all I want to do is know the Lord Jesus in a more intimate way.

I’m studying theology and youth ministry.