Sister Scholastica

The reason why I’m here is because somebody came to first Saturday devotions at our community and said they were going to Medjugorje. Our community had heard about Medjugorje and were so excited about the fact that Our Lady is still appearing in some place on earth. We thought, “Why not? Let’s go.”

We prayed about it, and we thought about it, and we said yes. 

What’s been most exciting about here, to be quite honest, is I feel so small and so insignificant when I look at how devoted people are to the Blessed Mother and to their prayer, that, even as a religious, I feel like I’m not doing enough. It’s a little bit of a wake up call. 

Also, when we go out in crowds, like today for the procession and yesterday on Apparition Hill and all those people were praying the Rosary, it felt so nice to be one in a group of many. I felt like a little child in the midst of all my sisters and brothers. I like that feeling. 

We’re here on a more casual basis, a more social basis. At the house, we maintain silence and we work together, but here we don’t have to do that. We just have to talk to each other and eat with each other. It’s a very casual, recreational relationship, and I think it will help build our relationship. 

The rule of St. Benedict stresses silence so we can hear the voice of God. Most of our day, we are silent, and then there are specific times in the day when we get to speak to each other. Being here, where we can just casually go up to each other and speak to each other and share little things with each other, puts a whole new perspective on our relationship. 

Can you still find ways to hear God through all the noise?

Definitely. There are so many opportunities to pray. There are so many places to pray as well. There’s the adoration chapel, there’s Mass, we also do our private prayer when we’re away from each other. 

Plus, what people share with us about their experiences, it makes God’s involvement in our lives very real, very exciting too. Everybody has a unique story about how God came into their life and also how Our Lady has invited them here. I’m so amazed at God’s mercy. 

When I came here, I didn’t know what to expect. I have been following Medjugorje for maybe 20 years or so. I’ve always wanted to come to Medjugorje because, when I first read about it, it was a very critical time in my life. I had just left home, and I was alone at university, and I wanted something to keep me going personally and faithfully and spiritually. 

The thought came to me to read about Medjugorje. As I was reading about the visionaries and their story, I felt so inspired and I felt so encouraged to want to continue to follow God. So because the story of Medjugorje inspired me so much, I always wanted to come and see what it was like and meet the visionaries. 

Coming here though, what I think I’m leaving with is a sense of God’s love just where I am, in my life as it is with the people as it is. I’m going to renew my commitment to God where I am as well as trust and be confident that how things are happening is how He’s going to make me whole.