We just had an apparition by Our Blessed Mother. 

I really enjoyed it. I could feel that She was praying over us and blessing us. It was such a blessing to receive that from Her. I’m glad I got to experience that. 

I was trying to be in deep prayer. My heart kept beating really fast, and I could feel Her presence. 

I was asking Her to open my heart to more stuff.

I have hypoplastic left heart syndrome. I have low oxygen. Usually I get weird heart palpitations but this was different. I took it as a sign that the Blessed Mother answered my prayer and opened my heart.

I’m going to become a Marian priest. 

Mary is very important to me, and these priests are under Her wing specifically with Her name. What they work for is the Divine Mercy of Jesus. Ever since I was little, I loved the Divine Mercy prayer, and I just want to continue with that in my life and help other people. 

I like that Jesus said that even the hardest sinners can be saved with this prayer. So I want to spread that to more people. 

“For the sake of His Sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.”

[ iMedj note: The Divine Mercy Novena begins today on Good Friday. ]