Jesus & Borja

Jesus Garcia: I was 28 years old when I came to Medjugorje for the first time. I worked at the newspaper. My boss sent me out to write a news report. My colleague and I journeyed to Medjugorje and we returned totally changed. When we got back the news report became very important in Spain because it was the first time a high profile article was made about Medjugorje. It was 2006. After making that report, Gonzalo my colleague, who was 30 years old at the time, quit the newspaper company and became a seminarian. Today he is one of the happiest priests in Madrid and he still visits Medjugorje when he can. He became a priest and I did not. 

Years later I began to write more articles and reports about Medjugorje. I wrote a book. It’s a beautiful story. A girl read that book. Because of that book she came to Medjugorje, and in Medjugorje I met her, we got married, and had three kids. It’s a story written by God. 

Borja: Well here we are now making a documentary because we want Our Lady’s message to reach the whole world. We are useless instruments but we know with God’s grace and graces from Our Lady we want to help Her message to spread to more people. We have done it with books, videos, and now we want to do it on a larger scale. We gained experience making a movie about Lourdes and it’s been beautiful to see Our Lady in the movie box office. You see Hell Boy, Tom Cruise, X-men, and then Our Lady! So we feel an obligation to share with the world the marvelous place we’ve come to know as Medjugurje.  

Jesus Garcia: I think it’s beautiful to have Our Lady as a boss. The experience we have with our production company Gospa Arts is that regardless of what we plan Our Lady always changes it for the better. We can think that its better to arrive hours earlier to capture an apparition and Our Lady makes it that even if we don’t arrive on time we are perfectly situated to film. We’ve also experienced our videographers getting sick, then we have to improvise. That Our Lady is your boss is a blessing and what happens is we are learning to let go and let Her be the one leading and we try to not get in Her way. To work for Our Lady is a gift. 

Borja: We hope to release the film this coming year. The name of the film will possibly be Medjugorje which is popular among many. The book my friend Jesus wrote is called Medjugorje and we haven’t spent too much time thinking about it. Look, we started this documentary 10 years ago – it’s been a long time coming. A lot has happened here and Our Lady really has motivated us to make this documentary and we will see what happens. We don’t know if it will be this year or the next to release the film but we are always working for the glory fo God. 

Jesus Garcia: Our experience is like this – Our Lady invites but She doesn’t force a response.  Because of your fears, your comfort, your lack of faith, your lack of experience, you don’t accept Her invitation and you leave it on the back burner. You can say you have more important things to do or someone else can do it. However no one can respond to your invitation. And because it’s for your own good, Our Lady insists, like all mothers. Your heart follows Her. 

Borja: This trip has been so beautiful seeing so many working for God and the messages. It was wonderful to meet you guys at the apparition the other day. I told my colleague ” I was with the Stella Mar films team!” It’s marvelous for us seeing all those who bring pilgrims and facilitate everything that goes on here. Then they will return home to share Medjugorje.