Family – Part 4 of 6 – Jennifer

I had a dream the first day. In my dream, a woman said, straight in my ear, “Can you hear me?”

I thought it was Rachel coming back to the room and waking me up. I opened my eyes and was like “Huh?” 

And there was nobody there. 

It was very clear. English.

Do you have an answer for that question?

I can hear Her better. For sure.

But I don’t know if it was real. You know how [the visionaries] say they went back and then She told them that She was Mary. I never got that second part, but I got the first part. Maybe it was just a dream, but also maybe it wasn’t. 

I feel like, if it was Her and She asked me the same question at home, I would be like, “I had a weird dream. Some lady woke me up.” But here, I felt like it was Her.

Mirjana is not lying about this stuff. 100% whatever it is happens to her and has happened to her since 1981.

She is so gracious and so lovely.

Adam: And she won’t let you go hungry.

Jennifer: And she’s just the purest soul of wonderfulness. 

I felt a connection with [the visionaries] because they were the same age as me whenever this all happened to them, but I’d never thought about later on, how they grew up.

You just think of it as superficial whenever you hear they see Mary. “Oh good for them.” But then to see Mirjana and meet her is a different thing. 

We hadn’t read the book [My Heart Will Triumph] before, but I started reading the book yesterday. I’m so glad that I knew her before I read the book because it wouldn’t have been the same. It’s better to know her and her heart and then to read it and realize, “Oh this is her story, the sweet lady from our pansion [hotel].”

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