Family – Part 1 of 5 – Debbie/Mama

I had not anticipated Medjugorje being anything but just a kind of a field trip. I say it like that because I just wanted to check it off the list. Because it’s like, “Medjugorje. That sounds like a neat place to go to.” So we just added it to our Holy Land trip.

It became so much more than I ever anticipated, and that was a short trip. 

I had an amazing experience that I received more once I got home. And I really wanted our kids to experience that. None of our children are practicing Catholics. 

Johnny had not been Catholic when we first got married. Even though we went to church every Sunday with the kids, the kids went to Catholic school, over time, once they got older, they left the Church, little by little, bit by bit. 

I always was bad about sharing my faith with the kids. I didn’t have the joy that I’ve had since Medjugorje.

The way we decided to bring the kids was the fact that it was our 50th Wedding Anniversary, and we figured that was the best leverage. Because it was just like, “What Daddy and I would like to have for our 50th Wedding Anniversary is to actually take all of you to Medjugorje.”

How can your kids, even if you’ve kind of distanced somewhat from one another, say no to their parents asking for a 50th Wedding Anniversary present. Really, I kind of think that they felt forced. It’s like, “How can you say no, dad-gummit?”

I will say that before we came, I really put it in Mary’s hands. 

I realize that I’m sort of a controller, wanting to pull the strings, and I realized that hadn’t worked so good. 

It’s like, “Okay, Mary. I know you love them more than I love them. And I love them a lot. Do with them as you can. Help them be open.”

We’re not hovering over our kids. We really weren’t sure how it was going. I didn’t watch them every moment. I just thought, what we’ll do every evening, if we can get them all together, is ask, “What was your high point today, and what was your low point?”

So the first night, Rachel didn’t feel well so she didn’t stay up for it. And there was a little superficiality in one of our kids. And then one of our other kids was pretty darn deep. But last night, We were really pretty blown away. 

To think that it’s only now the beginning of the third day, and I think She’s got more for them. I just need to step back and let it happen.