Family – Part 2 of 6 – Daddy/Johnny

We believe that this is as close as heaven gets to earth. 

Much like the parable of the sower, we wanted to place our kids in a spot where they would gain the most benefit from Mary’s presence. We didn’t see the peace of Christ in their lives, so we wanted to give that the best chance to happen. And try to stay out of the way so that we didn’t interfere with the Holy Spirit. 

That’s why we brought them here to Medjugorje. And time will tell. It’s about time, but I feel good about it. So far, it’s looking good.

I wasn’t Catholic or even Christian for most of our kids’ growing up years. We were married 23 years when I joined the Church. 

I feel like I failed our kids in that respect. And maybe this is a chance to make some of it up. That’s really what drives me to this. 

The fact that the COVID thing knocked the trip in the head the first time, and yet everybody was still ready to go again, I was amazed at that. 

The degree of difficulty was raised by all the COVID requirements and the difficulty of getting tests at the proper time and all that, but it just made it that much sweeter to get here. 

I really appreciate our kids being willing to set aside their lives for a little while and come with us. 

Climbing with the local people, of course they do their Rosary in Croatian. You can pretty well tell by the patterns where you’re at in the Rosary. It’s really a solemn procession and very good to see. 

The thing about Medjugorje, Mary promised that there would be a permanent sign here. To me, that permanent sign is already here. It’s the people in this parish that fill the church up every night regardless of whether I’m here or not. The fact is, these are people that believe and live it. I believe that’s why Mary was sent here, because this is a holy place, and these people make it so. To me, that’s enough of a permanent sign in itself. 

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