Bridget – Ireland

I came here to Medjugorje, and my whole life was changed.

This experience for me is guiding the pilgrims to allow Our Lady to be their mother, to reach out more often and hold onto the rosary beads and never give up. 

When we go home from here, we need to bring the Five Stones. At least try to bring three home, and the rest will come: Holy Mass, Confession and the Rosary. 

Every day we have to ask Our Lady and Jesus to give us the grace to do the Holy Divine Will. Every day has to be done by grace, not human thoughts and minds, by grace.

Allow Jesus to work within your heart. There’s so much going on in our minds, it can be a battlefield. Allow Jesus into the deepest secrets of your heart. You get to receive that in Holy Communion. You can either choose to have Him for just five minutes, or you can choose to let Him live in your life that whole day.

We always say, “I’m very good going to Holy Mass, and I go to Adoration and Confession,” but how many times have we reached out to the poor properly and clothed them and fed them. These are the things Jesus wants us to do. Without that, we can pray, but Jesus will say we never fed Him, we never clothed Him, we never gave Him water.

It isn’t just about the rules we followed and the Holy Mass; we have to do charitable things with that. 

Every person is God’s love and creation. They’re human beings and they have to be loved. We have to see them as the Prodigal Son. We have to pray for them to come back. We can’t get that if we don’t give that love and that kindness. 

We have to be kind to ourselves and forgive ourselves. Medjugorje is a place where you will get all that inner healing and conversion in your life.