It’s been a long time coming. It’s been 30 years since I was introduced to Medjugorje. I never could come. I didn’t have the means. It’s my first time out of the United States. I’ve always had this hope in my heart, and when does She bring me? Well, it would seem one of the worst possible times, yet it’s probably the holiest and most healing time. It’s during Lent. I’m offering up my sufferings. I’m offering up everything for other souls. That’s what we do. We want souls to be saved for Our Lady and Jesus. You do whatever you gotta do when you’re in love.

I believe I’ve been drawn by Our Lady, that I’m supposed to be here, and She has a mission that I’m supposed to do. I have utmost faith. Even though it was, to put it mildly, hell to get here, it was worth it. 

The demon tried every stop he could to make me break down and stop. I even canceled once and then reestablished. 

I have to trust. Our Lady says we have to trust, to have full confidence in Her. And “Jesus, I trust in You,” that’s the Divine Mercy. We love Jesus and His divine mercy and so I’m trusting. I’m just free-falling into that. As much as my humanness pulls me back into my doubt, I continually just come back to that total “Jesus, I trust in You,” and “Be not afraid.” So that’s why I’m here. 

I’m here because I’m healing the residue of past sin that holds me still in bondage. Even though I’m in a state of grace most of the time, I’m healing that bondage. This is the place to be to do that. 

I’m bringing all of my family and the trauma and everything that they have suffered, but mainly my children. I pray for their conversion all the time. And I trust. I offer up my sufferings for them and my son specifically. He’s lost right now. I trust that, if I lift him up, if it’s God’s will, he will be healed. I can’t think of a more beautiful, holy, reverent place to be to lift him up along with all of my blood relatives and all souls for conversion, for healing, to fall in love, and to be transformed. 

I had a blessing to be able to talk to [visionary] Mirjana. I mentioned my son’s name for healing, and she assured me that Our Lady knew all about him already and that I am a momma, I am a mother, and Our Mother will do anything for Her children. Hence, Our Lady coming to Medjugorje for so long– 40 years. Forty years of pouring that love and grace. She will do anything. So we are called as well to help Her draw souls to Her for conversion. 

So I have offered myself to my Mother to use in the Divine Will. I’m giving Her my children to hold in Her mantle for healing. And I trust. Jesus, I trust in You. 

Mirjana has a light. To hear her words of comfort, that Our Lady knows, even though I know in my heart as well. But to have Mirjana, in her glow and in her love, share that from her heart. Our Lady loves us so much that we can’t comprehend it. She wants nothing more than for us to be saved and to be healed and to bring us to fall in love with Her Son and to be in that state of grace and transform our lives. What a powerful, powerful thing, Medjugorje.