I’m from the disco era, ex hippie. I used to love cocaine. I used to love chemicals. I was a high school dropout. I was bad.

My first trip was in ’88.

I completely changed. I’m a cradle Catholic, but I wasn’t a practicing Catholic.

Ever since I came here, I never looked back. I live a really good devout life. I go to weekly Confession, I go to daily Mass, Adoration a couple times a week. 

You have to really come here with an open mind and say, “I’ve messed up my whole life. I’m going to open up now. Please, if there are any blessings or graces for me to get here, let me have them.” 

Stay open. Come here and be open. 

Here, your blood pressure goes down. Everything slows down. You don’t watch TV. There’s no traffic. 

A lot of young people are away from the church. We all need prayer. If I would have died in my twenties or thirties, I would have went straight to Hell, no Purgatory for me. I’m 68 and I just feel very blessed. 

You have to come with an open heart and a little bit of faith. Let God be in charge. 

Come with an open mind. When you hear the visionaries talk, when you climb the mountain, the Holy Spirit just takes over. Just let God do his work.

I’m living proof. I grew up in the toughest neighborhood in West Denver. I’m a high school drop out, drug addict, womanizer, I used to like to fight. Here I am going to daily Mass now. I’m truly a product of this place changing my life.