Mary from Washington

Mary reads every iMedjugorje post. Now she’s one of them.

I don’t know what the next step in my life is so I’m very open to whatever God wants that to be. But my allegory is, I’m climbing Cross Mountain and it’s wet and all I can think about is my next step. And that’s what I think God is saying. Don’t worry about what’s over there. Safely make the next step

It is my first time here. And I did feel called to be here.

I’m in a Carmelite parish up in western Washington. I get a call from church. They said, “Hey, I’ve got something here for you. Somebody left you something. Come and get it.” And I’m like, “That sounds weird but okay. Whatever.”

So I show up. And I can tell it’s a book but it’s really cool because it’s wrapped in the Sunday comics. And it’s the book The Message by Wayne Weible. And this gal I barely know, she sent me a note, and it was very much about, “This might seem kind of strange, but I’m supposed to give you this book.” And it was addressed to ‘Tall Mary’ because we were such casual friends. 

So then I sat down and read it and i’m just like, “Oh my gosh. How could I not know? How could I not know?”

Which, in a way, frustrated me because it’s like, I’ve been a Catholic for 56 years. How can the Blessed Virgin Mary be appearing and I don’t know about it? How can it not be on the news every night? Oh my gosh! How can it be?” Then I wanted to know more so I went online and found Queen of Peace Productions and read about that. And then I got Mirjana’s book, and I read that. And it was all absolutely wonderful like “I do believe” but it was also… it wasn’t “I don’t want to go” it was, “I don’t have to go.” But then it was very much a “despite the fact I don’t feel that I have to go, it appears that I’m going.” Because I needed things to line up, and they lined up. And then, certainly, you want to get ready for a pilgrimage, so you pray more and that was wonderful and wanting to pray more was wonderful. And then being here is amazing.

Our Lady says, it is a time of great grace. I feel it is a tremendous time of great grace.

Mary said, “Open your heart, I’ll do the rest.” So pray the Rosary and even if you’re not doing it very well, pray the Rosary and I will help you pray the Rosary better. 

Then at the beginning of the year, I thought, why don’t I pray the Rosary every day? And they’re not all great, don’t get me wrong, especially if I put them off until the end of the day.

But that’s not me. Where did I get this desire to pray the Rosary? All of it? 

It is a time of great grace. 

Mary joined us on a Stella Mar Pilgrimage and we loved getting to pilgrimage with her! We will always carry this experience guided by Our Lady in our hearts.