Sarah from Louisiana

I’m 15.

I came a few years ago. We wanted to come back last year, but because of COVID, we couldn’t. We felt like we were called to come back.

I try to bring other people, try to convince them to come, because I had a really big turning point in my life the last time I came. I was 13. I learned how to pray

I actually brought my best friend this time. Everybody gets something different out of it. Once you get back home, you miss it, and you really think about what happened and understand it.

We have a thing called Meghan’s Mission. Meghan was called to come here, and she came and prayed with Mirjana during her apparition.

Here is a video about Meghan’s story

She was called to bring youth to Medjugorje so we started Meghan’s Mission. The whole mission is to bring youth to Medjugorje. That’s why I came last time with other youth.

Climbing Cross Mountain is my favorite overall, both times. You just get to think. The whole way up, you get to hear people praying. You get to think about what you want to pray for. Then while you’re up there, time flies by. You just feel in the moment.