Molly and Paula

We caught up with Molly (left) and Paula (right) from Oregon and Washington after English Mass today in the glorious sunshine. When we saw them together we assumed they were old friends, but they only just met! Our Lady brings the best people together. 

Molly: We just met four days ago. We came as a group but I didn’t know anybody and I’d never been here before. It’s just been the most amazing, wonderful, joyful, loving experience. I don’t want to leave.

Paula: We’re leaving today and we’ve all been crying. We don’t want to leave Our Lady and Jesus. I was here in 1989 and it was so profound for me, and so it is thirty years later that I got to return to Medjugorje. I’m finding it just as powerful and peaceful and beautiful as before. In ’89 I wanted to come so bad that I came by myself with no plans, but Our Lady  took care of me — found me a place to stay, found me people.

Molly: And in a long, round about way, that’s how we all ended up here.

Paula: Yeah! My grandmother told me, then I told my friend David, and David arranged a group from his church – so now we’re all here!