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Mama Mary called me here October 1st, 1986 for the feast of Saint Therese of the Little Flower. So I’ve been coming here a long time. I am Croatian. 

I went to the mountain and I saw a big crowd on the left. It was German. Vicka was speaking to them, and I came to her so fast. I spoke German because I was in Germany for two years before I immigrated to America. I went to Vicka and I said, “I hope you live a thousand years.” And she said, “Not thousand; hundred maybe.”

So from that time, Father Petar at 9:30 came to the house. I went to confession with him, and I thought he remembered my confession. I’m a big sinner today, never mind then so many years ago, so I ran in my room. I didn’t want to come out. They called me a couple times and so finally I said, “Mama Mary help me.” 

So I came out. He said, “Why are you so shy?” 

I said, “Father, I have to be honest with you. You are a priest. You represent Jesus. I think you remember all my sins.” 

He said, “No. The Lord put the tape on us. We don’t remember.” He told me to explain this to other people who fear to see the priest after [going to confession with them]. 

I was going to a Croatian church in New York. He got in touch with the New York people and then he told me, “Bring the people.” Because that was during communism. “Bring them the right way here.” So I did. I started to bring groups here. And we stay by Vicka and Marija. 

Vicka is the godmother to my daughter. So I am very close with all of them. 

But this time I came as a pilgrim. My health went very bad. I was with a walker but now I’m with a cane so it’s coming back. 

I am a prayer warrior. I pray for the whole world. 

My dream is to come back to where I was born in Istria to retire there; to have a house for sick people who are diabetic, blind, and talk about Jesus. We are very close to the ocean so we could go to Italy, and have a little boat that will be called Our Lady of Leche. That’s my dream. 

I would tell you who’ve never been to Medjugorje, when you hear this, Mama Mary is calling you. I was very stubborn and I finally gave in. Don’t waste any time. If you don’t have the money, you have those cards. You will pay fast. It’s gonna be provided. Please come as soon as possible. The time is short. Your life is not gonna be the same. And if you think that you’re not worth it, you probably are not, like I am not, but our Lord is not a liar. You are very important to the plan of salvation for the world. I definitely would recommend it. 

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