Jude – 17 years old

Meghan’s Mission

These two people from our parish, Mr. Todd and Miss Angie, their daughter Meghan had cancer and she came here. [Visionary] Mirjana had asked her to come to the apparition. And she felt she was invited to bring youth back here after. But she had passed away. So they started Meghan’s Mission to bring a group of youth to the Youth Fest. We have 7.

[To Jude’s surprise, Mirjana invited him to be near her during the apparition in the area typically reserved for priests and the sick]

We walked up the hill through the barricades and that’s when it hit me. I was like, “Dang, there’s like thousands of people out here, and I’m gonna be within five feet of her.” I was completely mind-blown. 

I got up there and they asked me, “Do you want to sit or do you want to kneel?” And I said, “I kind of want to kneel.” And she’s like, “Okay, if you kneel, you’re kneeling for the whole time.” So I pulled out my phone, I looked at the time, and I was like, “I think I got that.” It was like 6:35. So I kneeled the whole entire time. 

This is the crazy part. They were saying the Rosary in different languages. I prayed, I said, “Mary, don’t make me look like a fool. I don’t know their language. So if you could help me out.” And then literally right when I prayed that, … the woman sitting next to me, she grabbed the microphone and said the Rosary in English. She prayed the whole decade in English and I was completely mind-blown. And I was like, “Alright, so She’s definitely here.”

The feeling was definitely there. It was just amazing to experience it. It’s definitely different, but it’s good different.