Elvira and Lucija

We finally got to meet Elvira and her lovely daughter, Lucija, when they came on pilgrimage to Medjugorje.

My daughter Lucija and I have come here from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Međugorje is such a special place…it is a spa for our souls. We came on pilgrimage for the first time in 2014, and since then we come at least twice a year.

We started our pilgrimage yesterday evening when we drove 7 hours, the whole night. We arrived at 6 this morning and went immediately to climb Križevac. After that, we visited Cenacolo, the community for people who are dealing with different addiction problems. They are living in community, without any money, living on God’s providence, working, praying, getting to know themselves, and getting to know God. There we met two Croatians, who told us their story and how living in community has helped them deal with their problems.

This afternoon we will go to Mass, and in the evening to adoration. For us, Adoration is the most beautiful part of Međugorje. It is so nice to be in the presence of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, together with people from different parts of the world, singing and praying to the Lord in different languages. We hope that heaven looks like that.

Tomorrow morning we will go to Mass, and then to Brdo Ukazanja. After that we are going back to Zagreb.

This time, we met the dear people from Stella Mar Films. It is an interesting story, how I got in contact with them. I saw this very, very beautiful documentary about Međugorje on YouTube, it is called The Triumph. It is about Ben, a young American who is in Međugorje, trying to find out if there really is a God, if Mother Mary really is coming here, and trying to deal with his addictions. I liked the movie so much that I translated it to Croatian.

 Even though I’m not their official translator, Stella Mar have recognised my enthusiasm and asked me to help with their other projects. Through doing this, I have found my way of contributing to spreading God’s message to the world.

It is so nice to be here, because here is our Mother. And where Mother is, there is home.