Jerry and Sally

Jerry: August 6th of 2021 is our 50th Wedding Anniversary. Sally and I were married in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Basilica of Saint Mary. That was her parish.

Sally: So She’s had Her hand on us all this time. 

We moved to Spokane. There was a good faith-based community there. Almost half of the parish had been to Medjugorje, and we’d never hear of it. We started reading everything I could get my hands on. 

That was 1993. Our children were so much younger that it seemed selfish, and I didn’t know enough to pray for that, for the ability or the funds to go. It just seemed like I had to take care of them and get them off on their own and hope that something would happen.

Then, as the years went on, the call was stronger and stronger. We both retired and said, “We’re doing it before it gets any later.” Especially when we realized that three of them had stopped seeing Her on a regular basis and had all ten secrets. We thought it was even more important to come soon. 

Every day there has been a revelation. Every day, to me, there has been a miracle. But last night, at Mass and Adoration, particularly Adoration, it became unbelievably clear, every one of these miracles that has occurred since we’ve been here just validated that God is God. The beauty of being able to be in a place where even the posters on the side of the road show Divine Mercy. 

Jerry: I didn’t come here expecting to see a miracle or to see Mary at our doorstep. I wouldn’t have minded, but I didn’t come here expecting that. But what I did find was, you’re gonna think this is corny, it’s extremely refreshing that people say things like, “God bless you.” Who are open about their faith and willing to walk a street with a rosary in their hand. To me, that’s very impressive. 

And people are going to think we’re nuts, but seeing the sun spin, that’s just overwhelming. 

Sally: At Adoration last night, seeing so many people prostrate on the ground in front of Our Savior, just giving Him their all. Every time I think I’ve given Him my all, He always shows me that there’s this little bit more. 

I don’t want to leave.

Jerry: The other thing that’s remarkable here is the consistency of the message, and the message isn’t the one I learned as a child: fear God; you better do the right thing or you’re going to go fry somewhere for the rest of eternity. That’s the message that I was brought up on. The guilt trip. Here, everybody is talking about love. To me, that’s a lot more attractive than the other method.

Sally: One of the things I did come for, besides answering Her call, was to ask for strength to remain faithful as the times are appearing to be tougher. I feel like that prayer has been heard. 

Our Lady, Protectress of the Faith, protect our faith. Don’t let us waiver.