Tammy and Allison

Tammy and Allison share their experience camping out all night for Our Lady’s apparition to visionary Mirjana Soldo at the Blue Cross. 

Tammy: I think what made me want to campout was just to have a good spot; to be able to see Mirjana and experience it up close and personal.

Allison: This is 100% out of my comfort zone, but I was willing to do that just because I wanted to be as close to our Blessed Mother as possible so I could experience what she wanted to communicate to me. 

Tammy: It was an experience. I would say it was fun, I was just so full of anticipation and excitement, I couldn’t sleep. There was no way I could’ve slept. And I can’t believe that I was awake for that long either, just sitting on those rocks. 

Allison: And you met a lot of people. And it’s funny how you kind of become like a little community with the people around you. Even meeting people that were connected to friends that have been here before. I just felt like the Holy Spirit was present in all of it and connecting in a special way or revealing even distress or evil going around. There was perspective in it to keep your focus on Our Lady and not to be distracted by all the distress. 

Tammy: People were distracting. We knew what was coming when we were told about the screamers. The evil itself being present all around, it was kind of showing us our current world. It’s everywhere. No matter what, it’s everywhere, and if you take your eyes off of Jesus and Mary for a second, you’ll lose it. The message might not come through for you. 

Allison: [What inspired us to come] watching Apparition Hill, reading Mirjana’s book definitely gave me perspective, and then talking to friends that have been pilgrims before. They came in March. Watching the transformation in their life, complete transformation.

Tammy: I had printed off the dates of the Stella Mar Pilgrimages and had it on my bulletin board for about a year. I just kept looking at the picture of Our Lady in the corner, and I finally said, “Okay. You want me to come. You’re calling me.” And I looked at the dates and found dates that I thought would work with my children in school. It just all lined up. Mary lined it all up. 

After their luggage didn’t arrive on their flight…

Allison: It’s funny because, my sin was I completely over indulged. I went and bought new coats, a whole new wardrobe of Lulu Lemon shirts. Funny how all of that over indulgence did not arrive. The prayers didn’t arrive from everyone. I think her message to me is, “I am all you need. You have everything you need with you.” And there was just enough in my carry on for me to get by. I know that’s no mistake, so for me, the message is less is more. Even Her message communicated [at the apparition to Mirjana on October 2nd] was about not wanting everything. 

Tammy: She is all we need. Everything you need will be given to you. And it was. I felt the same way. It’s been a lesson in humility, and that has really been on my heart, that litany of humility as well. I’ve been reading that, and to come here and not have all the things that I too overpacked.  I mean, my giant obnoxious suitcase of things to come on a religious pilgrimage was ridiculous, and I think Mary agreed and said, “Oh no, honey. All that you need is here.”