Christian and Jeanna

Christian: Our mom just asks us, “Do you guys want to go on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje?” We were like, “Eh, maybe. Maybe not.” Like two days later, she said, “Yeah, alright. You’re going. It’s booked. The flight is booked. Everything is booked.” 

Jeanna: I think we just didn’t know what to expect. We knew it would be okay, but then being here, the life of Christ is sincerely alive. You can sense the presence of Christ here. It’s like a little dome of Heaven on Earth.

Christian: You can definitely feel it. It’s definitely not just another random European city. It’s definitely special.

Jeanna: We’ve seen so many miracles already this week. We saw the miracle of the sun. n[Visionary Mirjana] has the face and the eyes of someone who has seen a piece of Heaven. 

Christian: And she’s just super sweet and so kind and caring. She has a big heart and you can just tell she’s such a great person to be around. 

It was 100% worth [our parents’] time and effort and money to put the whole thing together and send us off. It definitely wasn’t a waste. 

I had a little bit of skepticism just because all my friends are. They all think it’s bogus. But being here just squashed all of that.