Alfredo Jose & Janine

Alfredo: I’d heard of Medjugorje when I was like 22. I’m 55 now. This is my fifth time in Medjugorje, but it’s almost like my first time because the last time I was here, it was like 20 years ago. 

I felt a call to come here during lent, and it was during the pandemic so I said, “Mother is calling me. I will travel anywhere in the world when I feel that call.” I felt it in my heart. 

I asked my wife who has never been here, “Would you like to come?” and she said…

Janine: “Yes! Certainly!”

Alfredo: I went to church and my community there and said, “I’m going to Medjugorje.” 

We had a beautiful friend, Jeannette, she said, “Well, I’m coming with you.”

Before you know it, we were ten. 

We got here and Our Lady has been amazing. Ever since we got here, She has touched each one of us individually in a spiritual way and also as a group. It’s been a blessing. 

When we got here, we had no luggage. Ten luggages did not arrive. We were happy because we saw a sign of detachment. We were going to walk into the footsteps of Our Lady. In order to learn and know someone, you have to walk in their footsteps, and Our Lady was very poor.

The beautiful thing about that testimony is that my wife’s wheelchair arrived. 

Janine: It was the only thing that arrived. 

Alfredo: Our Lady always takes care of what’s necessary. 

We have been so filled of the love of Our Mother. Our hearts are so full of peace and love, it radiates. We are ready to go back home to our families, our environment, our church, and to be the extended hands of Our Lady to reach out the love, the love of Christ, that She wants us to reach to others, especially to those who do not know the love of Christ.

I got so emotional here with the 40th Anniversary. To see 350 priests in procession with Our Lady, and to see them all concelebrate the Mass, it was wonderful. It’s an event that I will never forget and will always treasure in my heart.

I thank the Lady so much for inviting us here. I just hope that we can come back, that She will invite us again. 

Let yourself be loved by God. Open your heart and open your mind, and let Our Lady touch you with Her love. With an open heart, you will find conversion, you will learn how to pray with the heart, and you will allow Our Lady to do the rest.

Janine: Let the love of Our Lord flow through you, and let the peace and the unity of the Blessed Virgin Mary lead you to where She wants you to go.

Alfredo: For all those who are reading this, may God bless you.