Alen – Zagreb

I come from Zagreb, that’s the capital of Croatia. I’m 20 years old.

This is my first time in Medjugorje. 

Before this, I was not so in contact with Mary. I didn’t pray so much to Mary. I was like, “Jesus, You’re the best. You’re everything for me.” I have a really good mom, and I didn’t have a need to pray to Mary. 

When I came here, I felt peace and happiness. I need to really appreciate this. I just need to notice the love of Mary and Her glory. 

I wasn’t raised Catholic. My father does not believe. My mother believes, but she only goes to church when it’s Christmas or Easter. I’m Catholic, and I just found this way when I was 14 or 15.

We had lectures before Confirmation and there was a priest who showed me the way. I was interested in religion and faith, and he gave me a lot of information. 

Yesterday, I really felt that Mary is here. After Mass, there was a procession with a statue of Mary, and then I really felt Mary in my heart. 

I was on Podbrodo [Apparition Hill.] There is a statue where there was the first apparition, the first time She came. When you focus, when you pray, you can really feel Her presence. That was also a very beautiful moment for me. 

I came with my friends. One friend has been here already, and the other five had not been here.

The festival is great. You can meet a lot of new people, a lot of new countries and cultures; see how they pray, how they dance. 

I would definitely come back here.

You can come here. You are going to feel Mary, Her presence, the happiness. You don’t need to have fear. You can also inform yourself by reading books or you can ask someone who has already been here. 

I have friends that are not religious, they don’t believe in God. I’m going to tell them they need to come here because I think here you can really convert and recognize the love of Mary and Jesus. 

I’m going to tell everybody to come.