Mike & Steve – Twin Brothers

Mike: We’ve been best friends our whole life. We’ve shared all the things we’ve always done although we’ve been many miles apart around the world. Renee (my wife) and I were so moved and so blessed by our trip last year that we told my brother and sister-in-law and that’s been our format most of our life. Especially since we’ve been married and our wives are close friends. Medjugorje is like the top of the mountain spiritually that we have experienced and that’s been kind of exemplary for the relationship we’ve always had. 

Steve: And I am not Catholic, and I never heard of Medjugorje until he came home last year and spoke so highly of it. I think being twins, I didn’t have to talk much more about it. I said, “We are going.” Kind of immediate credibility. If he thinks that much of it, we are on our way. It’s kind of a twin thing. We are on the same frequency. We don’t need to do a lot of qualifications or go down a check list. “Oh yeah, let’s go.” 

Mike: Some twins go their whole life and are never close. Steve and I are the opposite. Everything but dressing alike… same tattoos.