Robert – Ireland

I was a homeless man. Five months ago, I was living in a tent on the street. I lost my home. I lost my wife and my family. 

Even when I was drinking, I always prayed to Our Lady for some reason, but She couldn’t help me because I didn’t put the drink down. As soon as I put the drink down, I was off the street; some of my family came back to me. 

Eight months ago, I met these beautiful people, people from God. Edward in particular, took me into his home. He fed me. He clothed me. He washed me.

Edward took me to Adoration. I was at Adoration a few times in a few weeks. One day, I knelt down before Jesus, and for the first time, I was honest with God. 

I said, “I don’t know how to pray. I don’t know how to ask for forgiveness. I don’t know anything. I don’t even know who You are. I don’t even know who I am.”

All of a sudden, from my toes all the way up through my body, was this calm feeling. 

I said, “God, is this real? Am I dreaming? What’s happening?”

Then my heart went–I’m not even going to try and describe it… like He was answering me.

I went the next day, and I was expecting it to happen, but it didn’t happen. Then I went the next day. Then it happened again in a different church.

Edward and his wife, Eileen, brought me to Medjugorje out of pure love. 

It’s my first trip. This is my eighth day.

I’ve been healed inside. I’ve been touched by the Holy Spirit and blessed by God. I’ve been blessed by Mother Mary. 

I’m an alcoholic, recovering alcoholic. That’s been lifted, by the grace of God. I got rid of so much baggage, torture, and pain, inside pain, that I’ve been carrying for years. 

[Robert’s friend] Bridget: It was the sacrament of Confession, the Holy Adoration, and the Holy Mass that touched his life. 

Every morning, he’d go and ask Our Lady to be his mother, to fill him with a blessing and a surprise.

Robert: “Wrap me in Your cloak. You lead the way. I don’t know where I’m going.” 

I’d go get lost to be found. I’d meet some wonderful people. 

I feel brand new, touched by the Holy Spirit. 

My mother was here 11 times. All her prayers have been answered. She told me many times, “I wish you could come to Medjugorje.” 

She’s alive now. She’s 86. She said, “If I died now, I’d be at peace.” That’s what she said to me.

Hopefully, when I go home tomorrow, she’ll be the first person I go to.

I lost my son when he was born. He lasted for an hour. I connected with him here for the first time. He would have been 30. I was able to grieve him. I could feel him. I could feel his presence. 

He’s in Heaven. He’s been my guardian angel, and I didn’t even know. 

This is what this magical place has done for me, opened my eyes because I opened my heart.