I believe in logic and science but you can take logic and science and shove it over a cliff — clouds don’t form any faces. In 2016, I was filming the sun and 20 minutes to 7, when the Virgin Mary makes an apparition everyone kneels down but on this particular occasion, a cloud covers the sun…changes into a three dimensional face, nose, eyes, mouth and a cigarette in its mouth and I was the one smoking a cigarette. Guilty as charged.

From there I had to radically change my whole life because clouds don’t form many faces. I think the Virgin Mary’s given me enough signs to make that transition from a life of secularism and a life that is more conducive to holiness. But it is a hard transition to make, I am still struggling with it. You know my body sometimes still rejects it. I am not what you call, one of these happy clappy’s, you know. I’ve tried. I am a dour Scotsman and I am proud of it.

I was always brought up in the Catholic faith but my parent’s weren’t too religious. My sister wasn’t either. I have always had a great devotion and love for the Virgin Mary, a great respect for Her. From that time onwards, that cloud in the sky, I’ve really made a considerate effort to try change. Just recently my twin sister died. All of my family are all dead now. I’ve got no one. I feel a lot of loneliness. My way of thinking is if I obtain this certain high degree of holiness then I could never be lonely, if I got Christ and Mary in my life.

I know what the truth is now. I knew I had to radically change my life. I am the black sheep of the family. I had to stop the womanizing, stop the drinking, radically change.

The woman that I was donating my blood, she was like “Oh you have the rarest blood in the world.” Then I googled that, and guess who else is AB? Jesus. On the Turin shroud. He’s AB positive. I am rarer, I’m AB negative. I am not trying to compare myself to Jesus. I can’t turn water into wine, I can’t walk on water, trust me I am not comparing myself to Jesus. I just find it odd.

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