NEW iMedjugorje book

The iMedjugorje Story

One of the best parts about traveling to Medjugorje—whether we’re working on a new film or leading a group of pilgrims—is the people we meet.

Every pilgrim has a story to tell, and pilgrims are the heart of Medjugorje. They often become transmitters of Our Lady’s messages when they return home, and their testimonies bring Medjugorje to all parts of the world.

One of our missions has been to document pilgrim testimonies and present them as evidence of the abundant miracles and graces that people find in Medjugorje. And so—with the incredible support from the Apostles of Love community (—our little team at Stella Mar Films and Queen of Peace Productions created to share these powerful stories with the rest of the world.

Now we’re excited to bring you this book—a collection of stories from the first year of iMedjugorje—and we hope to continue capturing as many Medjugorje testimonies as we can in the coming years.

Please keep our work in your prayers, and thank you for being an Apostle of Love!


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