Maryann & Janet

Maryann: I came almost three years ago, after my husband past. I came to heal and to … start my life. Then I went back home and I told Janet and she’s been interested and we’ve been planning to go ever sense. There are a lot of others in my parish really anxious to hear back from us.

We are carrying so many prayers.

It’s my second time here and it’s Janet’s first time. We heard we could camp out on the hill, so we just thought we would be able to get closer.

While we were sitting on the hill last night, we were remembering our friend whose daughter is struggling with mental illness, and another friend whose son is very ill. And the list just goes on and on of people who we are praying for. They were texting and saying “we need a miracle, we need a miracle.” So we were like we are going to be holding you in prayer tonight and we are with the Blessed Mother. 

Janet: We were looking down on the Blue Cross so we thought we had a good spot. It was lovely because the musicians were playing. The music was lovely. We went up at 11:30 at night [the night before]. The anticipation was wonderful. At times you wonder if your going to make it until the morning. It’s amazing that you could snuggle down in those boulders and find a place. 

Maryann: When the apparition happens you can feel the presence of Our Lady and everyone’s peaceful. 

I think I will always come back to that moment. 

Janet: For sure. It is hard to describe. It’s so fresh now. I am sure we will rehash it for a long time.