I have had a very stressful last couple of years because I’m an ICU nurse. I’ve been dealing with COVID patients and a lot of death. I needed peace. I prayed about it, and I felt like Mary was calling me to come and visit Her in Medjugorje. 

I have not been around people other than patients and coworkers in almost two years. 

It’s been amazing. The villagers are all super nice. The pilgrims all have these amazing stories and different things to share. I’ve learned a little bit from different people, and I’ve gotten so much wisdom from the talks and from talking to pilgrims. I’ve gotten so many words of wisdom. 

My friend Leslie told me that I am not responsible for keeping everybody from getting COVID. I was terrified of getting it and passing it on to someone and getting them sick.

I feel so much peace being here. I just feel so safe and blessed here. My anxiety has definitely lessened. This has been such a blessing for me, to be able to be with people and people of faith. 

Before I left, everybody at work wanted to know where I was going on my vacation. I told them I was going to Medjugorje and they were like, “Where?” I told them about it, and most of them are not Catholic. Everybody was like, “I want to know more about it.”

I’m bringing blessed items back to them. Hopefully Mary can bring them some peace as well.

I got so many prayer cards because God always seems to find the people I need to give them to. Because I work at a Catholic hospital, it’s not off limits to talk about God and church. I do get to talk to everybody about my pilgrimage and the wonders and the truths and all the things that I experienced here and that they can experience even though they did not get to come.