Klaudia – Poland

Years ago, I heard about Medjugorje, but I didn’t believe and I wasn’t interested in it.

I never believed so much in Maryja [the Virgin Mary]. 

A few years ago, my mother gave me a rosary. I threw it in a corner. I thought, “What should I do with this?”

Then I was in Kraków by Sister Faustina, and a nun told me, “Maryja invites you to Medjugorje.” I didn’t want to come because I wanted to go to the Baltic Sea on holiday to party and to swim. 

I was in Kraków for two days, and every time I thought about this I cried because I didn’t want it. Then it was like a voice told me, “You want two days to pray by Sister Faustina. That’s enough.” I told this to the nun who told me I have to go to Medjugorje, and she told me, “So now you need to go there because it’s the devil who told you this.”

My first time in Medjugorje, I was very surprised because the trip to here, all the people on the bus were praying the Rosary and for me it was too much. I said, “What should I do there? It’s not my way. It’s too much with the praying.” It was not my thinking of faith.

On Podbrdo [Apparition Hill] on August 2nd, I went to Mirjana’s apparition. If I could decide on my own, I wouldn’t go there, but I thought, “I am now here. I will go and see how it will be. Everybody comes here to look so I will go with them.”

I didn’t have a kneeling pad. I went down on my knees because everybody did in that moment. In the moment Mary came, I began to cry like a child and shake. It was such an extreme feeling, I cannot say it in words. 

After this, everybody went away, and I was on my knees the whole time. I wanted to stay there. 

Then I wanted to go back to my hotel but I lost my way. I came to the church where there was confession. I thought on my way from Podbrdo to there that maybe I should speak about what happened to me with a priest. In that moment, if I wanted to go to confession, there were so many people, and I decided I didn’t want to wait. Maybe I would go another day. 

I prayed and I said, “God, if You want me to go to confession now, make one priest free.” It was impossible. There were thousands of people there for Mladifest [youth festival].

In this time, a priest stood up from his chair, and I went to him, and I asked him, “Are you going now?” He gave me his bag and said, “Sit down and I will come back.” He came back in five minutes. I told him what happened on Podbrdo, and he told me that it was like a cleaning for me. He began the confession with me and it was a very beautiful confession. He helped me to say all my sins because I didn’t know that they were sins.

After this confession, I felt like a new person. This was the first time that I went after confession to the Eucharist. It was a beautiful day I had in my life. I knew it was true that something really happened on Podbrdo. I felt love like never before. 

I never saw the Holy Mass like here in Medjugorje. 

Medjugorje is a place where you are really close to Heaven. I would tell everybody who doesn’t know what to do with their life or who has problems, that they should come here. 

You cannot tell with words about this place.

Every time I am here in Medjugorje I have miracles. Sometimes I don’t see them in Medjugorje.

I want to tell people if they are looking for a man or woman, this is a good place to come and pray. 

Once when I was here, I had only one day before I went home again. I went to Podbrdo and spoke to Maryja, “It would be so nice to meet somebody here, but it’s impossible because I go home tomorrow.”

I didn’t have time. I only went up for a short time and prayed. I told this to Mary, to Our Lady, “Please, it would be so nice.”

A couple of times before, I also told Her, “It would be so nice to meet somebody between Maryja and Jesus,” but I didn’t think about it anymore. 

After Podbrdo, I went to adoration and I was in the middle between the figure of Maryja and it was adoration. I was really between there. Then we met. 

That same day, I met somebody here. It was really like a miracle.

One day before, I went to a testimony by Nancy and Patrick. They gave one girl a rosary that was Vicka’s. I thought in my heart, “I would also love to have this rosary. I know we shouldn’t be jealous because it’s not the Christian way, but I would like to have this rosary.” This was one day before I met my boyfriend now.

The day after, in the morning, we went at 5 o’clock to pray the Rosary on Podbrdo. He gave me a present, and he told me, “This is a rosary of Vicka.”

He didn’t know that one day before I thought in my heart, “I want this rosary.” It was so beautiful. 

He told me he look at Maryja, and he felt in his heart that he should give me something, but he only had this rosary. 

I think for people who don’t believe, it can’t be, but I know that it’s a present from God. 

I have always been Catholic, and I went to church, but it was never this feeling like now. I went there because it was normal to do this. As a Catholic, you have to go to the church every Sunday. If I didn’t go, I had a bad feeling, but it wasn’t this thinking that I see Jesus in the Eucharist. 

I went for the first time to Częstochowa. It’s a black Mary in Poland.

[ The Queen of Poland, Our Lady of Częstochowa, also called the Black Madonna of Poland, is an icon of the Virgin Mary holding Child Jesus that is venerated throughout Poland. ]

From Częstochowa, I began thinking. Then I came to Jesus in Divine Mercy. From there, I went to Medjugorje. 

I think that’s why I came here, why Mary, like the nun told me, invited me here so I could see the complete truth. 

I found Mary here.