Father Bernard

[My parish] is called Kaduha. It’s 35 kilometers away from Kibeho.

Medjugorje and Kibeho have so many similarities. It was the same year that the Blessed Mother appeared in Kibeho and here. Here, it was June 24th. Kibeho was November 28th, 1981.

Another similarity is the messages. Mary comes here and says pray; convert. Kibeho is the same — pray with a sincere heart. Here, pray from the heart. So that is the same.

She says she is the Queen of Peace here. And even Kibeho said convert and leave your ways, you need peace among yourselves. And she connected it with, if you don’t change your heart, you don’t change your lives, bad things will happen to the country. And it was a prediction of genocide that took place in ’94 in Rwanda. Terrible. 100 days; 1 million people massacred. And you know, here, also, the Serbs massacred over 100,000. You know, that is another similarity.

The messages just say it in a different way, but they are the same — fundamentally the same. She is calling all of us to convert; to pray with sincerity of heart; to search for peace between us and God. And if there is no peace between us and God, definitely there is no peace between man and man. That is where you get hatred, revenge, killing, genocide — it comes from those who lack peace.

The apparitions in Kibeho were approved by the local bishop on August 15th, 1988. Archbishop Henryk Hoser, appointed by Pope Francis to oversee the parish of Medjugorje, spent two decades in Africa and has also compared the African Marian shrine of Kibeho with Medjugorje.