I don’t believe in coincidences ever since we came here in 2018.

I was skeptical when I first came. 

The first thing I saw was the sun. I looked up and it was spinning. I was standing there looking straight at it. I was like, “Well maybe it looks like it’s spinning because of it’s brightness.” About that time it started pulsing right at me about four times. 

I was staring there looking at it pulsing, and I said, “Well, okay I believe,” and it quit pulsing and started spinning in the other direction.

Everybody’s looking for the big thing, the Blessed Mother to appear, but it’s the little things. You reflect on it after you leave and you realize that the little things add up. 

Yesterday, I was in church. I was sitting up front on the edge. I went to Communion, then I sat on a chair and I was looking down. I saw all the people walking by. I was looking down, watching their feet as they passed in front of me. I thought, “Probably every one of those shoes have gone up Križevac [Cross Mountain] or Apparition Hill, or they’re about to.”

You think of little things like that, and it’s pretty neat. 

Medjugorje is the only place I’ve ever been that’s like this. It’s a special place. 

Here, it’s easy to be Catholic. You have people from all over the world. Everyone’s here for the same reason. 

When I was here during Mirjana’s apparition, the neatest experience was when we were on Apparition Hill. Everyone was saying the Our Father and it was in all the different languages at the same time. 

I was wondering why I came this time. The first day I prayed, it was about faith. It kept coming up. Finally, the question that I had for myself was, “When do you have enough faith?”

That’s what God gave me these days going through this journey. That’s what I’ve been focussing on. 

There’s something here and it’s special. I would tell anyone to come. It’s well worth it. 

Come with an open heart and an open mind. I did. I was a Doubting Thomas, but now I believe it.