Claudia and Mauricio

Mauricio: It’s been a long time since we went out together. We felt that Our Lady was calling us and I wanted to give thanks. It’s been 3 years since my diagnosis and I have had many opportunities that many haven’t had. I want to give thanks because I could be dead. I could be suffering greatly, and in reality, I am not. Everything was part of a plan. I did my part and the most important part was guided by the hand of God. He was putting the path for me to follow and here we are advancing. 

Claudia: To deal with the emotional part of this illness, to see my children hurting, to see my husband hurting, I think the role of the caregiver carries a lot of the weight because you have to be the support in every way and get through it all. It’s so hard and at the same time you pretend that there’s nothing wrong.

Mauricio: Before, it was a taboo to talk about death and now I see death as a step to eternal life. I know I will reunite with all my loved ones who are there. If I go now, my loved ones here… I will see them there in time. 

Claudia: For me it was an amazing experience to be with Mirjana, the visionary, not only to see her but to hear her and get to ask her questions. When I asked her if she has seen Heaven, she said yes. She said that Our Lady communicates not only through the heart, but that Mirjana can hear her with her ears. That was fascinating— to be with a person who has seen the love of Our Holy Mother. 

Mauricio: You breathe in a lot of peace. You can see people from all over the world, with the same purpose, searching for a closeness to God and to the Virgin Mary. 

Claudia: You feel you are touching Heaven. You can’t explain it. Only in experiencing it you can live it.