Christina from Germany

I was 11, and I came to Medjugorje with my family first. We came alone. We stayed one week, and I experienced a lot of Mother Mary. 

The first time we had no guide. My parents had been before with a guided tour, so we had a family vacation, a family pilgrimage trip.

When we came home, we started as a family to pray the Rosary every evening at 6 o’clock. That changed family life.

In the beginning, I was a child. I was 11. I started to pray with my family every evening, but only maybe two or three years. Then youth was, for me, the hardest. I started to watch television and so on. I was not so Christian anymore. My friends were not Catholic, or they were Catholic, but they didn’t live it.

During that time, I got a little bit sick. I was anorexic and had depression. I felt in my heart, I had a longing for Medjugorje and Mother Mary, and so I looked for a group that was coming to Medjugorje. In all the years, I had never been again.

I came back when I was 20 and it was to the Youth Festival. I experienced so much the love of God and that Jesus is alive and He’s in the Eucharist. 

We prayed in front of the cross, I felt that Jesus died for me. Then I had to cry and cry. I felt so much love. Then I went to confession.

After the confession I was new because my depression was totally gone. Then I started a new life with Jesus. I want to go with Mary and what She gives us here, the Rosary and confession and the Bible. 

I was lucky because, where I lived, I had a church close to my house. Every morning, there was a Holy Mass at 7 so I went to Mass then I went to the University to learn. 

I prayed Rosaries. I found a priest. He guided me, and I went to confession there. In the church, there was also adoration all day long.

Then I also started with fasting. It was very good for me that I started fasting with bread and water because then I got freedom from my anorexia. Jesus was so patient with me.

Now I belong to the group Totus Tuus. It’s founded in Germany. So that’s why I’m often here. We started to make pilgrimages. We’ve had five of them, one a year. 

We bring a lot of people. It’s a miracle because so many people come and they are very far away from church. Sometimes I ask myself, “How did they come on a pilgrimage?” But when they experience so deeply the love of God, they go to confession and they really change their lives. It’s a big miracle from this place. 

You can really feel the grace from this place and that Mother is here and She helps hearts find Jesus. Everybody who’s coming is so blessed and gets so many presents from heaven. So come!