Bethany, Martha, Anna, Tobi, Gabriel

Anna: This is my eighth or ninth trip to Medjugorje.

Martha: It’ll be more for us. Ten or eleven. We get very excited. We like coming here. We try to come here every year. We come with the Mary’s Meals group. 

Calum and Mariana are our grandparents and they came to Medjugorje…when did they come?

Anna: In the 1980s. ’83 or ’82. 

Martha: And then they went back to Scotland and set up Craig Lodge which is a retreat place for pilgrims. They still come out here to Medjugorje quite a lot as well. 

Scotland is cold and wet and rainy, but it’s nice. It’s very green.

What’s your favorite part about coming here?

Martha: Adoration is my favorite part. I’m going to go to Adoration. I like that. 

Anna: Getting ice cream! 

Bethany: I like the evening Mass because it’s big and there’s loads of people. 

Tobi: The heat’s quite nice, coming from a cold country. And Adoration in the evening.