Barbara and Sonny

Wherever I go, he goes and vice versa. 

We were able to join Guy Murphy [Totally Yours Pilgrimages] in the Holy Land last year. And then from the Holy Land it’s just like the story of the Bible popping up in front of your eyes. So everything is more intimate when you read scriptures. 

You go on pilgrimage, you come back home a different person. There’s always going to be conversion. It’s not going to be obvious. It’s a journey. So when you journey you’re going to have changes, and then from there you’re going to polish it. It’s not going to be perfect but you’re going to get better. 

[Coming with my husband] It’s different. At least we’re on the same page, because each individual, even if you’re siblings or any kind of relationship, there’s always going to be different levels of where you are in your spiritual life. But we’re helping each other. 

Praying the Rosary — we’ve been praying together as much as we can. Before, I would be like, “Come on. Be attentive.” Now when we’re praying, he will be the one waking me up. He’s like, “Come on. You’re sleeping. You shouldn’t be sleeping.” It helped our spiritual growth. 

He was like, “Okay go wherever you want to go because I’ve been hearing Medjugorje from you.” So as we prepared, I started reading. And then I started fasting. And I was like, “Man this one is hard.” 

But it’s not going to happen overnight. There’s always going to be steps.