I’m from Mauritius. It’s an island in the Indian Ocean near Africa and Madagascar.

I first heard about Medjugorje when I was about 10. My grandmother and my aunt came to do pilgrimage here. When they returned to Mauritius, they kept talking about it. 

When I was little, it was all about Mary, not so much about Jesus. I knew about Jesus, but I was not close at all to Jesus when I was little. Then when I came back to the faith when I was 20, it was more like when I went to Jesus, He led me to Mary. When I went to Mary, She led me to Jesus. 

Mary came into my heart, and She said, “I want you to come to Mass every day.” She was really the one to bring me to Jesus. 

In 2019, I really felt that I wanted to come to Medjugorje. It was after a Mass, after Communion, I really love St. Therese, and I asked her, “I want to go to Medjugorje. Please open the doors.”

Then, in a few weeks, everything opened, and I came here. A family who lives here welcomed me for free. 

I just came for one week so it was really fast. I was on my own. I discovered everything on my own.

It was good, nothing extraordinary, but it was something deep for me to continue on my way afterwards. 

When I had my conversion when I was 20, I had a lot of friends that did not pray. It was quite funny for them because it was really radical. They couldn’t really understand, but it was so true to me. It was the truth so I could not hide it. 

Sometimes it was hard, and it’s still quite hard to speak to my friends. 

In Medjugorje, you feel like you are being enveloped by grace, and there is a kind of courage. 

I heard the calling to come here again. It was really strong and really urgent.

I didn’t have anything. I didn’t even have the finance to come. God opened the doors. All the finance I have is a gift.

I’m just waiting now and saying, “Hail Mary, what do you want from me? Why did you bring me here?”

I’ve only been here five days. It was a little bit hard at first because I came alone, and I don’t know anyone here. 

But I’ve experienced how Mary has really taken my hand saying, “Okay, relax. We’re going to go step by step.” She’s really a mother. 

For me, Medjugorje is a school. Mary is bringing us up. She’s teaching us the way to Heaven.