Filka, Medjugorje Guide

Filka is a Spanish speaking guide in Medjugorje.

16 years ago, I started working in Medjugorje as a guide. It was just at that time when my conversion began. I say ‘began’ because conversion is not something from one day to another, but instead it’s a process throughout your whole life. 

That’s why when I felt God’s love and the love of our Holy Mother, the Virgin Mary, I could not resist Him. And I simply just left everything and I came to work as a guide. And so after 16 years I’ve realized, more than a job, this is a vocation. I thank God day after day for having called me to serve him in this way.

I believe the most special experience for the pilgrims who come is the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This is where they encounter Jesus, and encounter forgiveness and His mercy. We have so many people suffering with illnesses, for example, psychological or anxiety, depression, fears, etc. A big part of these illnesses can be healed in the confessional. Why? For the simple reason that man is forgiven, he has hope to start anew. The necessity of man to tell someone what he has done, the bad he has done, is innate. Man has to tell someone to heal, to feel better, but the problem is when you tell a friend, or if you tell a psychiatrist they can’t absolve the sins committed, they can’t erase the sin. They can’t tell you, well now you can start anew, because you are a new person because Jesus has forgiven you.

That’s why there are therapists who say 60% of the illness is cured in the confessional. That’s why I think the act of coming back healed is what makes the pilgrims the happiest. It’s that healing that comes from encountering Jesus in the confessional, in the Eucharist, in Eucharistic Adoration. That’s what makes them happy. 

Being a part of the movie, Mary’s Land, is one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had related to Medjugorje. Although, at first I said I didn’t want to participate in the film, I felt it was vain to be in a film because I was seeing it with the eyes of the world. However, when I found out I could help someone, that it could touch someones heart, I decided to be a part of it. But how did I change my mind? Juan Manuel [Director of the film] was talking to me about all he had planned to film for the interviews and translations. At first I was only going to help him with translation and 20 minutes later he said he wanted me to be in the film. My first response was no, but after that he asked me if I had a spiritual director and if he could talk to them. Finally, after talking with my spiritual director, I accepted to do it because my spiritual director said I should do it. So, today I thank God for that experience because it truly is a film that has touched many hearts, in a way that only the Holy Spirit can through us. 

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