Dr. Patricia

This is the first time I have come to Medjugorje. I have a great devotion to Mother Mary. I am a physician, and I have spent more than a year working with Covid-19, during this pandemic, and I really needed a rest for the soul, I needed to disconnect, and I thought that the greatest rest for me was to come here, and I even came alone because I did not want any distraction.

Also my country, the Dominican Republic, is one of the few countries in the world where the abortion law has not been accepted. We are receiving a lot of international pressure, and I came to present my country to Our Lady, so she may help us so that the bill does not pass in the new Penal Code that is in process of revision by the Senate, and so we may remain heroes in the history of mankind defending the preservation of life.

Those two were my greatest intentions.

I had never really felt like I was in heaven, and here I can say that I have. We are even hearing the birds singing all day, the butterflies by dozens, nature is alive here … Then, the people with the rosary in hand and their extreme kindness. I go to bed late because I don’t want the day to end. Everything is designed to enrich the spirit, from the prayers to the 24-hour adoration that we have access to. Here I do not feel any distress, I feel a deep peace, with my spirit totally fulfilled.

The group that I am with came from North Carolina and we met here, but we have become friends for life, sharing the same spirit, God’s Spirit. I believe that this is also a gift from Our Lady: to have come alone and to have found such a beautiful group of pilgrims here.

We were able to share time with Mirjana. I was impressed by her simplicity and humility. She served all of us, as well as her entire family. She has captivated me: working for us, thanking us because we have responded to our Mother’s invitation to come here.

Also, the priests that serve here have a real purpose to reach to all people, to invite them towards their true conversion through confession. They guided us at this very important moment in the history of the lives, when we have come here in search of answers, so that we all really leave this place transformed, and that we become an example for others to follow.

Come to Medjugorje. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your spirit and become, with the help of the Virgin Mary, that special person that God has design in love for eternity.”

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