I’m from Italy. I live in Stockholm now.

I was here in ’96 the first time.

I was very young. It was more a vacation. I believed in God back then. I prayed, but I was very young so I was distracted by many things.

During the years, I remembered this place many times. I felt attached to this place, even if I was young and distracted, but I had good memories and I wished I could visit again. 

Now is my second time. It’s very different. 

One word for this place is love because you can feel love in everything. I look at the church, I look at the statue, I feel a big love for everything. You can feel it in the people too. It’s a blessed place for sure.

I think we should be this way in our countries back home. It’s what She wants. Otherwise, it’s just a visit, but the meaning is beyond that. We must take what we get here and bring it home. 

I prayed from when I was a child. Then, I parted ways with the Church. I was not going to the celebration, I was not praying so much, but I’ve always been a believer. I never stopped my exchange with Our Lady or God, but it was cold for many years. 

I had a very bad experience. One of my family members was very sick, and I was terrified. I experienced deep fear for him. I prayed a lot. 

Now I got, once again, that beautiful relationship with God that I had lost for years. Now I have it back, I don’t want to part ways anymore. 

I’m here to thank God for what I got for that family member and to ask to be always close to Her and God. That’s what I want. I want to maintain this beautiful relationship I have once again after many years. 

I think I could come back next year maybe, but I’m not in a hurry. I know She is always with me and with everyone back at home. There is no need to be here.

Here it is beautiful, peaceful, and everything. Come here if you can, but if you can’t come here, She is with you. Always, She is with you.

And read Our Lady’s messages in Medjugorje. The messages are important.