Mary – Long Island, New York

You receive beautiful graces from heaven when you come here. You just know the Blessed Mother is here. You felt Her at the apparitions to Mirjana on the second of each month. I usually came around that time. You just knew She was here. You felt Her.

I’m very close to Our Blessed Mother and Her Most Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I go to Mass every day and receive the Eucharist really knowing that Our Blessed Mother is at every Mass also with Jesus and the angels. 

Mary is Our Mother. She’s going to bring us to Jesus. Jesus was in Her womb so the two of them were one.

Medjugorje is the closest thing to heaven. I’ve gone to Lourdes and I love Lourdes too, but in Medjugorje the prayer and the Holy Spirit is so alive. 

Being at the Youth Festival was incredible because of all the young people in love with Jesus and Our Blessed Mother. You could feel all of heaven just bursting. It’s so much hope. 

This is the hope for the world.