Jim – Washington

It’s a small village in a country that is a long ways from Paulsbo, Washington, for sure. I wasn’t quite sure what to think. It’s been absolutely wonderful. The country is beautiful, the mountains, the sea. Here in Medjugorje we have hills surrounding the town and mountains that you can see off in the distance. It’s a beautiful place. 

It’s a very devoutly religious part of the world. The population is almost 98% Catholic. We just got back from Evening Mass. That church was packed. We’ve been sitting outside and not alone, lots of people outside too. It’s truly amazing the degree of devotion that people here have, and it’s wonderful to see. It’s kind of magnetic, right?

Mirjana is a blessed person. She is so good at making it not about her, which is the opposite of somebody who would be a promoter. She’s so authentic. Her message is so spot on with Catholic theology and the catechism. She’s just a wonderful person, and funny! She has a good sense of humor. She’s a very humble person. I really like that. 

The first night we had dinner after our bus ride from the airport. Everybody’s exhausted. Somebody’s serving me food from behind me, and it was Mirjana. Amazing.

I don’t think you need to believe anything to come here and just experience the peace and the beauty. Almost everybody could come away from here closer to God and closer to Mary. 

I have lots of Protestant friends. They don’t really get the “Mary thing” at all, and that’s okay. I still think there’s something for everybody here. 

It’s peaceful, and I think that’s because of the strong religious faith of people here. She is Our Mother, Queen of Peace, after all.