When you have God in a marriage, it makes a world of difference. When Kevin and I met, I was Catholic and practicing. He was Catholic and not practicing. 

For many years, I prayed that he would join me in my faith journey. God knew in my heart that I desired a man who loved his faith, loved his church, and was a faith leader for his family. 

I would see little glimmers of hope, but I didn’t want to get overly excited about it, but every time I saw something that was not typical, that was new and gave hope, I said, “Thank you, Jesus.”

I identified it, and then I just continued to pray. I also did the novena to trust in Our Lord. It was very powerful.

God did answer our prayers three years ago. We got married in the church last December. We had our marriage blessed. Now he is involved, he’s supportive, and he’s walking right next to me. 

We go to church every Sunday. My son is an altar server. I’m in charge of the flowers at our church, and I teach second grade sacrament class. Kevin is an usher at the church. Our kids are involved in youth group and family faith formation. 

I never would have imagined this trip to Medjugorje. This was his idea, doing it for me and for us. He surprised me with the trip.

We watched Apparition Hill and that’s when we first learned about Medjugorje. He said it was the look in my eyes. He knew that he needed to bring me here, that we had to come to Medjugorje. 

Being a busy mom and wife, I thought, “We can’t take time away from the kids to come here.” He made it happen and it worked out. 

My husband and I have never done anything like this before. 

It’s brought peace to me. It’s brought us closer to each other and closer in our faith and closer in our relationship with Mary and Her Son, Jesus. 

It gives me great joy to see Kevin here. 

Miracles don’t have to be big, and signs don’t have to be big. It’s in the little things that we see. Take the time to see those and appreciate those and give thanks to God for those. It’s special because you don’t expect it. It’s a gift.

The most emotional spot for me was getting to the top of Apparition Hill. That was my first climb on wet, muddy ground having never climbed a hill before of that nature. It was at that moment, when I got to the top of that hill, realizing that I’m here and Mary’s here. 

I had to talk myself up the hill. I thought, “Mary’s not going to let me down, and She’s with me on every step I take. I just need to focus on getting to the top. I can’t worry about the path I’m on. I just know I have to move forward.”

We make things harder than what they should be, even something as simple as praying the Rosary. You think, “Oh twenty minutes to pray the Rosary. I don’t have that much time,” but really when you’re praying with your heart and if you know how powerful praying the Rosary is, you’d pray it more often. Twenty minutes is going to feel like five minutes. 

Same thing goes with fasting. We make it harder than what it needs to be. We just have to depend on God, and trust in Him. 

I’m a carrier of Christ so whoever I talk to, whoever I meet, whoever I help, I want to be that light for them and let them know that I’m carrying Christ in my heart. 

I love that Fr. Wee is our spiritual director on this pilgrimage. We belong to his parish so it’s very special to have him here with us because even after we go home, we share this memory together and the experiences together. 

Everybody’s been so good, and I’ve learned so much. I feel like I won the lottery with all this information and knowledge that I didn’t have before. 

Our fruits will continue to grow and multiply. 

I wish more people knew about Medjugorje and about the people and the good things that come from being here. 

I’d love to make a little Medjugorje at our church, something that reminds us of where we’ve been and to keep us on our path going forward and then educate other people about it.