My aunt who is a religious sister told me about Medjugorje because she was living here. She was living with the Beatitude Community.

When I was 11 years old, my mother wanted me to make my First Communion here in Medjugorje so I did. Then I came back two or three times later and I felt a lot of love, what we all feel when we come here. I had the faith, but it was very hard for me to pray because I was very young. I was 15, and then 17 years old, I was a believer back then, but still was not very used to prayer. Then I spent 10 years without coming back to Medjugorje. 

I came back again at 28 years old. I was not very happy with my life. I had a strong conversion, and Medjugorje has been crucial in my conversion journey. Every time I come here I get closer to God, I feel Her love, and I learn something different, for instance, how Gospa [Mary] wants us to live. This is how I keep on moving forward and improving. I become a better person. I can say that I am in love with the Virgin. She saved my life around three times in unimaginable situations. I am truly convinced these miracles happened. She is my Mother, I talk to Her, I pray for Her intercession.

The visionary Marija is like a mother to me. She never judged me, she always gave me love. I have a lot of respect for her because my aunt is very close to her. During the apparition I felt love, I cannot describe it, but I felt all the love very strongly. This is a renovation of the soul, to clean the soul. I feel a lot of peace. There is something special that you do not find elsewhere. You feel the love of people around you here.

I did an intense fast and I didn’t feel tired because I did it with my heart. I am happy to do it. That’s what I learned in Medjugorje. I learned to sacrifice myself. I learned how to love.