Eliszabeth & Thomas

Eliszabeth: The second time I came out, this lady sitting beside me on the plane was telling me about a retreat, five day fasting and prayer. Fr. Slavko had passed away. It was being continued on in his name and with his program that he’d done before hand.

After Mass on Monday morning, they were heading off to go on the retreat, and the lady that was sitting beside me introduced me to the lady that was organizing it and said to get me in. I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t time to think of the fasting or anything else. I wanted to do it. 

It was the best experience of my life because I got truly educated in what Medjugorje was all about, the apparitions, what they meant, the messages.

It all revolved around adoration. We’d walk over to the evening program at St. James. We always had adoration from when we got back to the hour of the morning that we were getting up. You had to fill in when you felt you wanted to do a Holy Hour. That was powerful.

I think I had a grace because I flew through the fasting. Normally, fasting for me is difficult. Definitely the fasting does help because it brings you more into your prayer. When you’re in a routine, you have plenty of time to think and reflect on yourself.

My biggest difficulty was the inner silence. There were some characters on the retreat. We couldn’t speak, but the facial expressions. You had to keep the silence, but some kept it, some didn’t.

What would have taken years to learn about Medjugorje, and read about, I was blessed to experience that on the retreat. 

Thomas: We’re 25 years married so this is where we came for our 25th wedding anniversary.

I think it’s a very peaceful place. When you arrive, you probably think you’re in a dream the first few days because everything is so peaceful, so relaxed. 

I like the evening prayer from 6 o’clock on. If we were at home, I’d often find it hard, maybe get one Mystery of the Rosary, but here they do three, and they do the Mass and adoration, and the time just flies. 

Eliszabeth: For people that may be querying about coming and about the authenticity of Medjugorje, it takes time for Medjugorje to be approved no more than any other Marian Shrine. 

Listen to what the three popes have said. We have a saint that said it’s okay to go to Medjugorje. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI said it’s okay to go to Medjugorje. Pope Francis now has given the go-ahead for pilgrims to go from parishes. He’s given the okay so that’s telling us something. 

Go to Medjugorje for yourself. Don’t go on anybody else’s experiences. Go on your own. Go open, and enjoy.

I think it’s good to go with a group because they’re able to bring you to all the essential places. 

Anyone that has any questions wants to go to Cenacolo. Your heart has to melt listening to their stories. Or go out to where Fr. Slavko started Mother’s Village for the children.

Thomas: You learn the whole time. 

Eliszabeth: Just go. Be a man or a mouse, as my mother would say. Go and see for yourself, and just enjoy it.