This is my first time in Medjugorje. For as long as I can remember, my grandma has been lovingly hounding me and my mom to go for years. She’s come here three times. 

It’s been an incredible journey getting closer to our faith. I feel a lot closer to my faith than ever before and more at peace.

It’s amazing to be here with my mom. I feel like we’ve gotten a lot closer from the experience. We both learned a lesson that was introduced to both of us in order to get closer to our faith. God gave subtle signs all throughout the experience. 

On both of our ends, it’s learning more forgiveness for people who have wronged you in the past, acknowledging it, and giving yourself to Jesus to walk with Him on that journey one step at a time, just like walking up this hill. 

We are climbing up a treacherous hill, a mountain. I feel like I’m rock climbing. I was way in over my head. I have two really bad knees and a wrist that I fractured earlier in the year. I was like, “Okay, wait. What am I doing?” 

It’s nice because you’re with other people, and you also have the bigger realization that you’re with Jesus. That’s what gets you through.

It makes me think of how God puts people in your life for a reason. He introduces you to certain people along the way that help you reach these realizations, and you’re like, “Alright. Thanks, God. I needed that reminder.”

If you have any type of interest, don’t ignore it. God has a way of speaking to us, so when He calls, don’t ignore that call. Explore it, and see where it takes you.

[ iMedj note: A few months after her pilgrimage, we recieved this message from Ally ]

We found out my Abuela, my grandma from my Dad’s side, her health declined rapidly out of the blue with Dementia so almost daily in Medjugorje we prayed for her. Part of me was hoping she would be miraculously healed. Unfortunately, she passed away.

Admittedly I’ve been so confused and heartbroken that she’s gone. I went to Bogota, Colombia with family for comfort. We went through her stuff and I noticed initially a few trinkets that looked like they were from Medjugorje but felt like, “I’m overthinking. I bet these items could be bought anywhere!”

Next thing I knew, I found a post card she bought 30 years ago from a visit to Medjugorje. She wrote about her experience on Apparition Hill and climbed up Cross Mountain too. My heart might be hurting but seeing this, I’m so happy like you wouldn’t believe.