Mr. Fritz

I was raised by a priest. I had a Catholic education. Since I was born, I was with the priest, and I was to become a brother, but I left halfway.

I left at 16 years old, then I made my way through the world. Finally, at a certain time in my life, I decided that since I left the religious life, I have to try to make a family life.

I have three kids, two girls and a boy. We try to give them wisdom and the Catholic faith, but when they reached a certain age, they went to college and they kind of lost their faith. That’s why we want them to come to the pilgrimage to see if they can regain what we’ve been teaching them. 

We’ve been learning about Medjugorje for a long time, and we said, “One day, this is a place that we might have to visit.” 

We want to pray for our children so they can have a better life. We said, “Okay. We’re going to make a trip in order for Mother Mary to intercede for us, to see if She can intercede.” 

It’s worth it. She shows you how you need to suffer. You have to carry your cross just like Jesus was carrying it, and He didn’t complain, in order for you to get to heaven, to paradise. 

Some people have their burdens, and you bring it to Mary, and Mary takes it to Jesus. This is the way we feel. 

For all the places I’ve visited, Rome, Greece, Jerusalem, here you feel that you have a mother that can take care of you, that can finally say something for you. The mother is going to intercede for you.