For more than 30 years, I am coming to Medjugorje. When Mother started appearing in Medjugorje, I was making jokes. I was a vagabundo. A sailor. My life was “estronado” – it was crazy. For me nothing was important, except women. Nothing else. Only women. I went to war, and faced tragedy. That was part of the transformation in my life. I couldn’t move. All my friends were gone. Only God was by me, and Mother. That was the beginning of my path to God.

Back at that time I visited the Community Cenacolo. Many times I was there. During these days, Mirjana would [experience her 2nd of the month] apparitions there.

[In 2009, the 2nd of the month apparitions took place at the Blue Cross, the base of Apparition Hill.]

It was a confusing time at first. Where? Who? It was just me and a few others helping. I had some experience [when the apparitions took place in] Cenacolo. Only God knows and Mother, know why I am there. I am the only one that is not from the village. It’s not my wish, or my choice. God knows much better than me. How many pilgrims come in the cold, warm, winds. So many! Traveling here from all over the world. It is so hard. There are so many pilgrims. They want in. They are screaming to be close to Mirjana but the section is reserved for priests, the sick, etc.

I get there around half past 4AM or before. I close the place in, because so many want to come in. They don’t care. I am tired. The same situation only different people. Always the same situation. Everybody wants in. Some making trouble. Mirjana knows why I am there. I think she is proud. 11 years doing this but I am tired. Many times I thought I would stop. This is the program of God. But all is possible for God, and Mother. Thanks to them. They know why I am there. And I don’t want to know why. Thanks to them.

[While interviewing Mate a pilgrim approached with a question.]

Italian Pilgrim: Tomorrow morning, at what time is the apparition?

Mate: Listen come there, and wait and pray. Mirjana will come around 20 minutes past 8 AM. When Mother comes, we have to wait. Pray and wait.

Italian Pilgrim: I would like to stay closer to Mirjana. If we go around 6AM in the morning hopefully we can be…

Mate: Don’t look where you are, stand somewhere in the peace. What do you want to see? You can be in the peace. Peace in the heart, not in the brain. If you have stone in your heart, there’s no place for love and peace. Tomorrow in the morning pray for this stone to leave. Don’t go back home with this same stone.